Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 83 - Play Ball

Baseball season is finally on us and I wanted to do something baseball related. Dug out my old glove and ball that have great texture, and coupled that with my new jersey which is stark and clean. I liked the contrast between the old and new. Lit with an AB1600 directly overhead, shot through a large diffuser, an AB800 camera right with a 20 degree grid to full in the shadows just on the glove and an AB400 camera left to add a little definition.

I included a setup image this time, to show the setup for the previous shot.


  1. Good stuff, man! I am glad you did the setup shot, something I ALWAYS forget to do... Also cool to see you are using AlienBees gear as well. Someday I will own an AB1600! :P

    Take care!

    Jeff Cross

  2. Thanks Jeff, I currently have 4 of 'em. 2 1600s, an 800 and a 400. Want more now! Studio lights are like crack. :)

    Thanks Olivia!