Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 56 - Renee Marcou

My good friend Janeen Jones asked me to shoot future pop princess Renee Marcou (and let me tell you, this girl has some SERIOUS pipes) as a favor, for an updated portfolio. We had a 5 hour shoot today, with multiple looks both in and out of the studio. Here's an image that we did at the orchard walking distance from my house. This was lit with an AB1600 in a large softbox, camera right and a reflector my good friend Steve was holding just out of frame camera left. The AB1600 was cranked up to like half power, letting me shutter down to 1/250th to knock the sky back to something manageable. This is a quick edit as a teaser for the shoot. More to follow.


  1. Hey Dana, great shot. I love how you balanced the sky with the strobes. Most people wouldn't have thought about that.

  2. simply stunning Dana! The lighting is super duper gorgeous...she should be totally thrilled with you!